Digital Dentistry in Budapest

The most advanced dental solutions for precise and predictable outcomes.
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Digital Dental Treatments

More precise and thorough planning and execution during dental treatments – without surprises. 3D visualization and instant solutions.

Aesthetic Dental Treatments

Natural solutions for perfection. With 3D planning and trial smiles, we guarantee your satisfaction!

Founding Doctors

Dr. Nagy Pál parodontológus / Differental fogorvosi rendelő

Pál Nagy DMD, Ph.D

Implantologist, Periodontist Specialist

Zsolt Nagy DMD, Ph.D

Dentist, Digital and Aesthetic Dentistry


Aesthetic Dentistry
Smile Design
Restorative Dentistry
Teeth whitening

Smart Clinic in the Heart of Buda

When we say we use space technology, we don’t tend to exaggerate. In our dental clinic, you can find numerous tools that are only available here in Hungary.

What does digital dentistry offer more?

  • You can foresee the final result thanks to the 3D plans.
  • Not only can you see it, but you can also try the dental restoration BEFORE it is even completed.
  • Thanks to 3D manufacturing technology, we can even create dental crowns on the same day.

In summary: the workflow is simpler, faster, easier, and more precise.

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Only at Differental! A significant decision that took me more than 10 years to make, and I’m grateful that from the very beginning, I could feel immense trust in Dr. Zsolt Nagy and his team.

Every minute proved that in this calm, harmonious environment, I receive the highest quality work with extra modern technology and precise execution. I got a comfortable, perfectly fitting, beautiful zirconia crown in a very short time, painlessly. Thank you once again!

Réka Zilizi

I have been enthusiastically visiting them for years, especially Dr. Zsolt Nagy. Painless, quick service, I feel safe, and I always receive the most comprehensive information about my options and next steps. I can only recommend both the doctor and the clinic.

Luca Veress

I fear two things the most. Dentists and darkness. Why the latter? Because who knows how many dentists are in the dark! However, I tried to overcome this fear due to my unbearable denture.

Thanks to modern tools and professional expertise, I can now be the owner of a beautiful smile. I am truly grateful to Dr. Zsolt Nagy and the world’s kindest assistant, Adrienne. I’m glad I found the best place 🙂

Zsuzsanna Deák


1015 Budapest, Csalogány u 26.

+36 30 960 5255